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What's Happenin' at #OSFest2022?

Exhibitors, Merchants, and Sponsors oh my! Performers on three weekends in a row!

It's happening July 8-25, 2022 in the Metaverse near you! Many free parcels courtesy of our sponsors are still available! Get yours today... start by registering for a ticket at

Here's how its going so far...

OSFest 2022 Stats 6-22-2022

Funds Raised (Cost=1040, extra given to performers) $1,084.00

Number of Contributions by Sponsors 22

Average Contribution $50.00

Rhodium Sponsors

Infinite Metaverse Alliance LLC

Kimm Starr

Filipa Thespian

Eldovar Lamilton

Iridium Sponsors

Luna Lunaria

Virtual Business Hub

Thirza Ember

Michael Lorrey

Palladium Sponsors

Rosanna Galvani

Rosa Alekseev

Opensim World

Lone Wolf

Platinum Sponsors

AvaCon Inc

Lannorra Sion

Snoots Dwagon

5 available at $12 USD each

Osmium Sponsors

Hairy Thor

Banker Ibor

6 available at $6 USD or equivalent Gloebits each

Indium Sponsors

Selby Evans

Mike Chase

Laxton Consulting LLC

Hairy Thor

Amaranthim Talon

Ruthenium Sponsors

24 parcels available at $3 USD or equivalent Gloebits each

Registered on OSFest Website 160

Discord Community Members 288

Performers Confirmed and Scheduled (4 slots open) 95

Volunteer Greeter Hours Scheduled (402 needed) 6

Volunteer Hosts/Hostess Hours Scheduled (99 needed) 0

Total Exhibit and Event Hours (23 days) 204

Grid Stats


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