Call for Sponsors

OSFest 2022 is a free virtual community celebration - unaffiliated with any particular virtual world grid's community of users. It only exists for a short time, with all content destroyed then created anew each year.

About the Festival

OSFest 2022 is an all-volunteer, seventeen-day community effort with a limited number of free virtual land parcels for exhibitors and merchants. Per the terms, exhibits are welcome from community members and merchants of any virtual world grid running OpenSimulator or derivative software. To honor the spirit of the Fest, competing technologies will not be allowed in virtual exhibits and stores.

The online venue for OSFest 2022 is hosted by Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA) and sponsored by Laxton Consulting, LLC, which is part owner of IMA. IMA is a for-profit company that provides research, development, and philanthropy for virtual world technology communities. Laxton Consulting, LLC is a for-profit company specializing in modeling, simulation, analysis, and education.

The event takes place over 17 days, 12 hours each day (total 204 hours), and will include 90 hours of live performances. The online venues encompass over four square kilometers of virtual land full of creative community exhibits and merchant stores, as well as donated and sponsored content.  

About the Avatars

In 2020, OSFest had 600 attendees from all around the Hypergrid, and canceled in 2021. At OpenSim Fest 2022, renewing the tradition, attendance is 100% free, and the grid will be accessible via the Hypergrid. While content should be similar to a PG rating in public venues, all attendees must be 18 years of age or older since the grid is comprised of user-generated content that may at times be unmoderated.

This year 60 exhibit parcels and 30 merchant parcels will be made available free on a first-come first-serve basis to the Hypergrid community. This is an increase from the 40 exhibit and 20 merchant spaces at the last OSFest. The Fest duration increased from 2 days to 17 days, and 2022 attendance is expected to be higher.  

About the Volunteers

OSFest 2022 involves a team volunteering around 1000 hours in the roles of greeters and moderators as well as hosts/hostesses and performers for live events.

An additional estimated 1000 hours are donated by volunteer organizers and the IMA admin team. 

Click Volunteer Signup if you would like to volunteer!  

Infinite Metaverse Alliance® is a registered U.S. Trademark.


OSFest 2022


Needed for unaffiliated dedicated hosting of website, live events, open source software running grid and regions, associated databases and files, web UX, open source Icecast2, and other services.


Sponsor Levels

Funds Raised as of 06/25/2022: $1208 out of $1040 Goal

In response to offers of help with production costs, this year will include sponsor opportunities. These are not tax-deductible but have tangible marketing value for sponsors and social impact return on investments within the community because sponsors are subsidizing free parcels.

Optional banner ads are available for $3 each in rotation size 300x50. Estimated monthly targeted ad impressions are greater than or equal to 3600 at OSFest 2022 in July and on the website, Facebook page, and Twitter URL until October.  

Marketing Value for all Sponsors

Virtual Land at OSFest 2022

Virtual Free Standing Inserts (FSI) 

Mention on Facebook and Twitter

Ad space on OpenSimFest.com

Distribution of your content swag

Exclusive Access to the VIP Region  

Rhodium (Rh) - $100 USD


Separate Virtual Estate
Virtual Land 65536 sqm (256x256m)
In-World Ad: (12) Large Wide FSI
Web Ad: Large Wide Web Ad 336x280

Iridium (Ir) - $50 USD


Virtual Land 32768 sqm (256x128m)

In-World Ad: (12) Large FSI

Web Ad: Large Web Ad 300x250

Palladium (Pd) - $24 USD


Virtual Land 16384 sqm (128x128m)
In-World Ad: (12) Medium FSI
Web Ad: Medium Web Ad 320x100

Platinum (Pt) - $12 USD


Virtual Land 8192 sqm (128x64m)

In-World Ad: (12) Small FSI

Web Ad: Small Web Ad 300x50

Osmium (Os) - $6 USD or equivalent Gloebits


Virtual Land 4096 sqm (64x64m)

In-World Ad: (12) Group FSI

Web Ad: Group Web Ad 120x60

Ruthenium (Ru) - $3 USD or equivalent Gloebits


Virtual Land 2048 sqm (64x32m)
In-World Ad: (12) Banner
Web Ad: Banner Web Ad 88x31

Indium (In) - Any Amount in USD or equivalent Gloebits if less than $12 USD


In-World Ad: (12) Donor List
Web Ad: Donor List

Sponsor Level images courtesy of Albedo-ukr, CC BY-SA 2.5 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5>, via Wikimedia Commons

Any excess sponsor funds greater than production costs will be used for performer stipends, distributed evenly per shift because performers are signing up for tips only and may perform more than once.

If you are interested in sponsoring at any level or would like a banner ad, please complete and submit the Sponsor Signup form or contact Shelenn Ayres on the OSFest Discord server for more details.