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OSFest 2023

Experience the Chemistry of Community!

#OSFest2023 is underway! The community has voted and the winner for the OSFest2023 Theme is Jazz/Blues Era, late 1860's to early 1970's. 


Today's cultures continue to be influenced by these facets of the era: Blues 1860-1890, Early Jazz / New Orleans (1920's), Swing and big band (1930s), Bebop (1940s), Cool Jazz (late 1940s-1950s), Hard bop/modal jazz/Latin jazz and Brazilian (late 1950s-1960s), Avant garde/fusion (late 1960s-70s)


Exhibits could be wide ranging from culture to events to fashion to industry to clubs to transportation to history to art to war to prohibition to life in, or influenced by, those periods in different places around the world. It is up to the exhibitor to show us all how their exhibit fits the theme in some way. Merchant and sponsor exhibits (as well as Performances) do not have to be themed but we encourage it because it is more fun that way to showcase something new or different each year.

​OSFest celebrates the creative talents of residents in the decentralized Hyperverse. We welcome merchants, exhibit presenters, and entertainment artists. For two full weeks, including weekends, we'll have music, dance, art, and merchant expos in one place - the OSFest Grid!  This is an all volunteer effort with a limited number of free parcels for exhibitors and merchants provided by the grid sponsors. 

Who We Are

OSFest is currently organized by people who are no strangers to virtual spaces or OpenSimulator. Our team consists of Entertainers, Merchants, Tech Architects, Code Maintainers, and Graphic Artists. Together we provide the frame for the creative talents in this space to share their works.


OSFest 2023 Key Dates

Exhibits, Stores, and Sponsor areas will be open to the public 24/7 from September 15-30. Check the Calendar for additional event information!

Grid Live: Saturday July 8, 2023

Grid Open to Build: August 17, 2023

Exhibit Completion Deadline: Friday September 1, 2023


Load Test Theme Party: Friday September 1, 2023


Final Build Testing: September 9-14, 2023

Opening Party: Friday September 15, 2023

Burn Party: Saturday Sept 30, 2023

Grid Shutdown: October 8, 2023

Contact Us

We are 100% virtual in the decentralized Hyperverse.

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