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Hypergrid Tips and Tricks

Improve the Experience for Everyone!

From the Admins:

Unlike Second Life, OpenSimulator (OS) viewer versions have a "suitcase" for you to put things you need when traveling from one grid to another. It is called My Suitcase in the inventory list and has an icon on a button that looks like a suitcase. When using OpenSimulator's Hypergrid protocol to travel, you will greatly improve the experience for everyone by reducing the amount of data that has to be communicated between your viewer and simulator. Here are some steps that can help:​

  • Use HG with an avatar account ONLY from a grid that uses "My Suitcase"

  • Keep the number of top level root folders in your inventory to a minimum

  • Pack your My Suitcase with only items you will need on your trip

  • Simplify your avatar, don't wear too many things

  • For a safari, if possible, visit each grid/region before the safari starts, spend 10-15 minutes at each location

  • Don't set your viewer draw distance too high

  • Do not use a wireless internet connection if possible, use a wired LAN connection with your viewer

  • Avoid using other apps that may use your GPU, this can include your web browser (disable using GPU or hardware acceleration)

For those who reside on grids that do not use a suitcase, you can create an alt with no significant inventory. Use this alt when traveling the HG, then share what you gather with your regular avatar when you return. 

One important side effect of improving your own user experience is that you improve it for others as well. Your inventory or size of your suitcase, your complexity, and your draw distance impacts everyone - including the grids you visit. Be kind to others!

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