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#OSFest2022 building is underway!

On June 1, 2022 twenty-eight exhibitors, merchants, sponsors, performers and participants created their local account on OSFest2022 grid. Group invites have been sent and some have already started building or bringing in their content. This is only a portion of those who registered so far! Here are a few FAQs:

How do I get a local account?

Due to recent griefing, local accounts are created from email invites only.

If you got a participant ticket via the website at we sent you an email invite.

If you answered the call for sponsors at we assigned you to your parcel and sent you an email invite.

If you got an exhibitor or merchant ticket at AND you have chosen your parcel at we sent you an email invite.

If you registered and did not get your email invite check your spam folder or contact one of the admins.

If you haven't registered, get your ticket now at

How do I get access to build on my parcel?

When your new local account is noticed, admins will send you a parcel group invite. Once you join your group you have rights to build on your parcel.

I had a local account last time, why do I have to create a new one?

OSFest each time is a new temporary grid. All data is destroyed from previous grid hosts and not available to the current grid hosts.

Can I use my avatar from my home grid via the Hypergrid(HG)?


If you have a parcel, and you have a local avatar, you can invite your HG av to your parcel group and share your content with your local avatar. Both can be used during the Fest.

If you have a parcel but do not want a local account that is ok too. But, due to software limitations with the Hypergrid, we cannot send you a parcel group invite unless you are on the grid at the time we send it.

If you are a participant only, you can use your HG avatar or create a local account - or both!

Do I need a ticket to attend and do I need to show my ticket when I get there?

No you don't need a ticket to attend. We use the tickets only to keep track of how many are attending and to send out email to those with tickets.

I am a performer. How do I test my stream?

If we have your email, we will send you an email invite to optionally create a local account so that we can add you to the Performers group. If you are using your HG avatar only, we will need to coordinate a time for you to be in the grid so we can invite your HG avatar to the performers group. Contact Shelenn for any special requirements you may have for your performance.

How do I volunteer?

Signup at then meet your lead in the OSFest Discord server. You can join here

Volunteer greeters and hosts/hostesses will be invited to their respective groups whether they have an optional local account or using their HG avatar - remember HG avatars must be in the grid at the time of the group invite.

Only organizers and admins (OSFest Staff) will be required to have local accounts so they can access the necessary software tools on the OSFest2022 Grid.

How do I get to the #OSFest2022 grid from my grid?

Put this HG address in your world map

or use our OpenSimWorld page at

Have more questions? The OSFest2022 Discord server is the place to be! You can join here

We have a four weeks to get everything built so it's going to be fun chaos to make this "family reunion" a success. All parcel builds should be complete by June 30, 2022. Sponsors parcels and exhibitor parcels are still available. If there is a need, we can add more merchant parcels.

#OSFest2022 opens on July 8th and runs through July 24th. Over 90 live performances have been booked and will happen each of the three 3-day weekends. We've allocated parcels for 30 merchants, 60 exhibitors, and over 50 sponsors! Most of the large parcels are booked and some of the smaller parcels are booked. But we still have room so get registered today!

Step 4: Create your optional local account or arrange a time to add your HG avatar to your respective group.

However you choose to participate, come experience the chemistry of community!



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