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#OSFest2022 Sponsors Rock! We open in two days!

The community has supported our evolution from AvatarFest to OpenSImFest to OSFest so much they wanted something more this year. It's almost time for another "family reunion" in the Hyperverse sector of the Metaverse! We've done some things different this time:

  • Extended the Fest from two days to seventeen days.

  • Implemented a balanced design to handle more exhibits and merchant stores.

  • Booked over 90 hours of live performances across three 3-day weekends.

  • Setup an official YouTube channel playlist for participant submissions.

  • Added channels in the Discord server to help volunteers along the way.

  • Allowed for late entries throughout the OSFest 2022 grid.

  • Gained sponsors to cover increased costs to keep the Fest free to participate and attend.

  • Setup a stipend fund from sponsors after costs to appreciate performers.

The OSFest 2022 team of volunteers has been doing an outstanding job. My hats are off to you and yours. Volunteers make it happen! Let's get the word out to everyone.

Be sure to visit our sponsors to say thank you and follow them on social media! You can find sponsor links at the bottom of the page. See you there on opening day in any of the Event regions!



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