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Meet Our #OSFest2022 Performer Organizer Rosa Alekseev by Doc Nolan

Rosa Alekseev is a music-loving, Brazilian in charge of arranging entertainment for OSFest 2022. That makes sense since she has been a DJ in a number of virtual worlds for 15 years! She now has contacted 71 old and new friends in the performing arts who will make OSFest a musical and arts event as well as a marketing one. “We will have sets from 9 am to 9 pm (grid time) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for the entire event!” She explained that these include musicians, singers, DJs, and graphic artists from nations all over the globe. “It won’t only be music. We have artists that combine music with visual graphics – and storytellers, too!”

Rosa has been an event organizer at Infinite Metaverse Alliance for “a long time; I think over five years now!” If her name seems familiar, it might be because she DJs in many grids, is an event organizer at Kitely grid (where she lives), has shops in both OS and Second Life, and is co-owner of some clubs. She entered OS years ago. Though she still is active in SL, she admits that “I’m here more than in SL.” She has been in Kitely for more than five years, though she first spent time on other grids. (As with many people, she first entered virtual reality via SL.) Rosa’s interests extend to art, also. “I have a gallery at 3dww! I like art so much. I believe that here we have a frontier to express art. We hadn’t before.”

Rosa has prepared a virtual feast for those attending OSFest 2022. Her excitement is contagious. “I am looking forward to OSFest. It’s a party where gridders from all over the world get together, and that is an amazing opportunity for all of us to share experiences, meet new and different people, and ‘grid share.’ Though Rosa keeps her RL (in which she’s a lawyer and businesswoman) separate from her virtual life, she says,

“I love to be here in our virtual worlds. I love to be active! In my VW, I can travel around the globe, practice the languages I have learned, and make music with others around the globe too! I feel music is a world-wide language! Isn’t it amazing that people on the other side of the world hear the same music you can? And that musicians everywhere can work together? To me, that is magic. In our Metaverse, we can learn things that the geography of our RL does not permit. I love our virtual world where my dreams come true and – I’m learning every day all of the time!”



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