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#OSFest2022 BURN Party Countdown with Zombie Quest!

After the OSGrid 15th Birthday Party events end on Sunday, the OSFest 2022 BURN Party starts at 7 pm grid time on July 31st! The countdown to the BURN Party has already begun. We are kicking it off with over 48 hours of free action at the Zombie Quest! This is not just a Zombie Hunt ;) Read on to learn how to score...

If you shoot a Zombie or Ghost that was not targeting any avatars, no score! Be nice to Zombies and Ghosts who are nice to you.

If you shoot a Zombie or Ghost that is targeting an avatar, the score goes to the avatar that Zombie or Ghost was targeting not necessarily the shooter which is great for team play or being a hero!

If the Zombie or Ghost is targeting you when you get the kill shots, you get the score. So you may need to entice them to come after you if you want the highest score!

You use the arrow keys or WASD in Mouselook to move, the mouse to aim, and the left mouse click to fire depending on your viewer preferences.

Ghosts are tougher to kill than Zombies. If you are not paying attention to your avatar health, you may get teleported to the rowboat when they yell "Brains, More Brains!" So run if you can when you need to. ;) You have to join the group to participate, but it's a lot of fun!

The Zombie Quest and the BURN Party both take place in the OSFest 2022 grid's Nitrogen region. You can Hypergrid directly to the region using our Grid Events Calendar, our OpenSimWorld page, our Grid Map, or by using the following addresses in your viewer:

Use this one in your viewer's World Map

or use a hop address with the Firestorm viewer


Once you get there, join the group then buy your rifle for $0 and go to Mouselook before you venture in - or the Zombies may come after you before you are ready! These events are brought to you by IMA and the creative commons community, hosted by Shelenn Ayres. Have some fun with us this weekend while we get ready to close the grid on Monday!



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