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IMA Virtual Worlds Fair Project and #OSFest2022

There were so many great builds at #OSFest2022, Selby Evans who founded the IMA Virtual Worlds Fair project, has an idea we agree with: to offer all participants the opportunity to have their OSFest 2022 builds moved to the IMA Metaverse Depot grid for display with hypergates provided by IMA to the home grids of those participants.

We set aside three regions for educators, creators, and merchants for the Virtual Worlds Fair project some time back and are resuming work on those regions after OSFest winds down. The idea behind the project is to have a 365 day 24/7 "exposition" of sorts for any Hypergrid enabled participant where avatars can visit and learn more about the Hypergrid community and each other.

The IMA Metaverse Depot grid is owned and operated by Laxton Consulting LLC and is the home of Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) LLC where it engages in creative commons community projects. The Virtual Worlds Fair project is an IMA effort and is funded. We will be reaching out to all participants offering free space where we can optionally move OSFest 2022 builds to this grid free of any cost. We have three participants whose exhibits we will be preserving and moving to this project. OSFest 2022 participants, if you have not been contacted yet about this and would like us to move your build to the Virtual Worlds Fair regions, please get in touch with Veritas McMaster. If we need to set aside more regions we will do so.

If you do not want your build preserved, you don't need to do anything. They will be destroyed as planned after the BURN Party on July 31, 2022 as we take the grid down. Stay tuned for BURN Party details, Game Night details, and a special event in work to close out the week!



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