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#OSFest2022 Sponsor Appreciation

Be sure to visit our sponsors who subsidized free parcels for the community around the grid! You can find more information about them below.

Press the button on your viewer for the OSFest 2022 destination guide to get you to any of their parcels quickly from anywhere! It is on the left side of your screen by default and looks like a map pin icon. You can scroll to the right and left to see them all then touch the one you want to visit. No need to find a board to teleport. See you in the grid!


Laxton Consulting, LLC Infinite Metaverse Alliance LLC Virtual Vignette Virtual Outworlding ​Gods of Valor 3rd Rock Grid Foundation Virtual Business Hub International Space Museum Luna Lunaria HG Safari Opensimworld Rosa Alekseev Wolf Territories Museo del Metaverso Avacon Inc Phantom Rose Grid Logicamp Rascal Flats Veri's Vagaries Bridgemere Grid Ibor Estates Moving Ink Media Utopia Skye Grid



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