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Day 18 #OSFest2022 Schedule Updates and What's Next!

While festivities have concluded, special events and visits continue as we wind down the month. During the festivities on Day 17, festgoers decided they want to have a BURN Party so we are busy booking!

It was an emotional ending day yesterday for some who've found community connections at OSFest 2022 but let's be happy and celebrate all we've done coming together! Experience the chemistry of community, shop, and see everything as the grid will be open until the 31st. Anyone wanting to perform or put anything on the calendar like tours or meetups let me know! I will be in the Zen region every day after today for Mindfulness Moments at OSFest. We will be back with OSFest 2023 so think about who you will be! shows visitors continue to see exhibits and shop on the OSFest grid. At the end of Day 17, we had 800 unique avatars in past 30 days with almost half in the past 7 days during the merchant sales event and 924 in past 60 days. We do expect traffic to slow as OSGrid's 15th Birthday Party begins today. Congratulations OSGrid!

I want to extend my thanks to everyone who took part in OSFest 2022 - you all are what made it successful! This was a community effort where everyone pitched in - even attendees who did not exhibit. We hope to have valuable data in the analysis for developers to improve software but this can take some time. Special appreciation to the team of volunteers who worked so hard to help everyone have a positive experience! Seth Nygard, Mike Chase, Calliope Andel, OldeSoul Eldemar, ᒪᑌᑎᗩ ᒪᑌᑎᗩᖇIᗩ, Rosa Alekseev, Thirza Ember, Banker Ibor, Veritas McMaster, Mike Hughes, and Doc Nolan, thank you so much and thank you to earlier volunteers who contributed. Thank you Merchants, Volunteers and hosts, and participants who helped spread the word on social media and to Leighton Marjoram for your counsel and tutorial. Many thanks to our Performers and Sponsors so please be sure to check out their websites and follow them on social media. You can find information about our sponsors at Fundraising for #OSFest2023 has already begun via venue tip jars requested around the event regions! More on that next year.

We have much to do this week and some special events are planned including a BURN Party on the 31st that evolved during the festivities. Please join us for Mindfulness Moments at OSFest each day and keep an eye on the calendar!. Exhibitors - we will be reaching out to you this week about optional preservation of exhibits so don't go away! We are going to have a post-Fest meeting with the team and anyone interested in volunteering or sponsoring next year is welcome to attend. We learned a lot about what went well and what can be improved and value your inputs. I am proud of our team and humbled as a member of our Hyperverse community.



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