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Final Scheduled Performances on Day 17 of #OSFest2022 BUT the Grid is Open Seven More Days!

See the final scheduled powerhouse performance lineup on the OSFest 2022 Grid Events Calendar then join us in Event1, Event2, Event3, or Event4 regions for these powerhouse performances!

The grid will remain open July 25th through July31st as planned for sightseeing and shopping to give everyone a chance to explore the OSFest 2022 grid they have not seen, for participants to transfer their builds to their home grids, and to engage in networking.

We will extend Mindfulness Moments at OSFest daily and have some special events to be added to the calendar soon! Any participant who would like to add anything (tours, meetups, sales, demonstrations, classes, etc. to the calendar between the 25th and the 31st can do so by getting in touch with Shelenn Ayres.

Also not yet scheduled is our post-OSFest Team meeting reviewing what went well and what can be improved for this year's team and all who plan to join us next year for #OSFest2023 See you in the grid!



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