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Performer Debut on Day 16 at #OSFest2022!

Did you notice the OSFest 2022 Grid Events Calendar has a list view? From this view you can see the lineup for each day of events and who is up for their debut at #OSFest2022! Be sure to join us for Bridgemere Grid's Steven Strikker's debut today - he will not disappoint!

Life happens and performers fill in for each other often at the last minute as some of you noted yesterday. DJ Nabhit can't make his debut today so the popular Navirah Avro from Venezuela will kick off the festivities on Day 16. The Grid Events Calendar is the most up-to-date source and every Grid Calendar board in world is a live "media-on-a-prim" version. Click on any event to teleport! (Choose Local TP if you are using an OSFest avatar or choose HG TP if you are using a Hypergrid avatar.)

Don't forget, we are simulcasting with our special streaming service to every main parcel in every region on the grid so you can shop to your heart's content at the HUGE Merchant Sales happening all around the OSFest 2022 grid and never miss a performance. See you in the grid!



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