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On Day 14 Check the #OSFest2022 Grid Events Calendar through July 31st!

It's Day 14 at OSFest 2022 and the Grid Events Calendar is filled with upcoming events! Happening all day through Sunday is the HUGE Merchants Sales Event and at 1:30 pm grid time (PT) you can join us for Mindfulness Moments at OSFest in the Zen region.

Tomorrow, there is a special event added to the calendar is a Fall Machinima courses by Teacher Sergej Zarf at Museo del Metaverso's Parcel047 in the Event4 region.

Also tomorrow performers return for another powerhouse packed schedule of 12 hours each day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the HUGE Merchant Sales event ending at 9 pm grid time (PT).

The grid will be open until July 31st to allow everyone to continue touring exhibits and visiting stores, or even impromptu performances or meetups. Mindfulness Moments at OSFest continue daily. Keep an eye out for more fun special events to be added next week.

So for those who haven't been shopping for the sales you are running short on time! For those needing more time to tour the amazing exhibits, you have until the 31st so don't worry if you just learned about OSFest 2022. See you in the grid!



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