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Sponsors and Volunteers Make OSFest Happen!

#OSFest2023 sponsors help cover the costs of hosting OSFest while volunteers make it happen. First and foremost, volunteers, we appreciate you! We couldn't have done it without you and we are only a few days away as we finish up last minute things on the todo list. The sprint towards Friday is fun chaos!

Anyone can be a sponsor at different levels whether contributing content, Gloebits, or USD via PayPal. We can never say thank you enough to our sponsors in the community. Below is a list of links so you can visit them and/or contact them to say thank you!

We are still a bit short on covering costs that keep the events free for everyone, so get in touch if you would like to be a sponsor!

OSFest Sponsor Links

Rhodium (Rh) Beyond Zen Life Infinite Metaverse Alliance LLC Laxton Consulting, LLC Virtual Outworlding Virtual Vignette Wolf Territories Grid Iridium (Ir) Bridgemere Grid Caribou Grid ​Luna Lunaria Michael McHugh Nynja Custom Scripts Palladium (Pd) HG Safari Ibor Estates Rosa Alekseev Utopia Skye Grid Platinum (Pt) Ada Radius Avacon Inc Foxtrot Breedable Pets International Space Museum Osmium (Os) Opensimworld Sally S. Cherry, MLS(ASCP) Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Center (VLTCC)

VBH Events Indium (In) Hairy Thor Lisa Laxton Marion DeGhetto Thirza Ember Luna Lunaria Selby Evans


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