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OSFest 2024 Updates!

This year's team of leaders is shaping up! Rosa as Performer Organizer has booked 46 of the available 108 hours of music performances. Mike and Callie will return in their same roles as Discord admin and Tech Advisor. Frank will be joining us soon to assist in a grid admin role. Banker will move into the much needed roles of Events Organizer (tours and scavenger hunt with Sally) and Merchant Organizer to recruit and provide assistance to merchants. Yolanda will be joining the team to help with promotion/advertising, recruiting/training/scheduling volunteer greeters, and recruiting sponsors.

Do we have one or two people who want to commit to being an exhibitor organizer? This entails recruiting and helping exhibitors (both free and sponsors) get their parcels and provide assistance if needed. We also need videographers, photographers, opensimworlders, and bloggers! We can have more than one in most of these roles to help spread the work.

#OSFest2024 is our hashtag for social media. The community voted for no theme on exhibits and stores. A promo campaign is in work with a target to start promotions in April. We are working on website updates and the grid layout. Anyone wanting to volunteer on building and scripting please contact us - we can sure use the help!

Regarding the schedule, there will be 8 hours of music for the opening party and the burn (closing) party as well as 6 hours of music each of the other days with breaks built in for non-music events. What are non-music events? Things like fireworks shows, particle shows, tours, activities (scavenger hunt, quests, bowling, games, sailing), along with Mindful Mondays, Tai Chi Tuesdays, Wellness Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays and satellite events on other grids.

There are some hours set aside for other events like meetings and presentations for those who want to engage in this type of event. We also encourage our exhibitors, sponsors, and merchants to schedule events like demos and sales events so we can promo them!

If you would like to host an event showing off your fireworks or particle show on opening day, activities you enjoy at the end of each day, or participate in the Burn Party as burners, now is the time to get on the schedule. If you have an event happening on your grid during OSFest, we can put you in our schedule as a satellite event and do some cooperative promotions. Get in touch soon since the schedule is filling up!

Regarding free parcels, based on things we learned from prior years and suggestions from last year, all free parcels will be on the edges of the new mainland layout. Sponsor parcels will surround or be within the welcome and event regions of the mainland with the exception of Rhodium sponsors who get private islands. Some mainland parcels and the private island parcels will have access to navigable waters. Sponsor parcels have only changed in number and type - see the Sponsors page of the website.

Free parcel sizes have decreased and land impact allowances have increased. Here are the details: 36 Small Exhibit parcels 64mx48m - 900 land impact prims each, 12 Large Exhibit parcels 108mx108m - 2700 land impact prims each, 12 Small Store parcels 64mx48m - 900 land impact prims each, and 4 Large Store parcels 108mx108m - 2700 each. As the infrastructure is built, the grid layout will be revealed and reservations made available.

There will be three event regions in the middle of the mainland: Zen Events with four types of Zen areas, Music Events with three stages and a dance area, and Burn Events with an area adjacent to the dance area. Meetings and presentations may be anywhere on the grid but meeting and presentation spaces will be available for use along with a freebie avatars and accessory area. Anyone wanting to contribute to the freebie area please get in touch!

Bookmark the OSFest Blog, join our Discord server, follow our Facebook page, see videos on our Youtube channel, or Send us an email!


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