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Discord and Website Changes Underway!

We are seven months out from #OSFest2024 and changes to our Discord server and website are underway! Save the dates:

Exhibit Completion Deadline: September 20, 2024

Load Test Party: Friday September 20, 2024

Final Build Testing: September 21 - October 1, 2024

Opening Party: Friday October 4, 2024

Burn Party: October 20, 2024

Grid Shutdown: October 30, 2024

Guided by suggestions from last year's team, the organizational structure has been improved for both the Discord channels and the core team. The goal of course is to spread the work among many so we each have time to enjoy the festival.  Roles have been adapted to the new structure so you may find yourself mistakenly assigned where you don't want to be or vice-versa.

To adjust your role or roles, look for your name in the list of members on this server. (Mine is in the upper right corner using the browser to access Discord). Touch or click your name to open your server profile. To remove a role, mouse over until you see an X in that role then touch or click the X to remove it. To add a role, touch or click the + symbol and choose your role or roles. Got questions? Reach out!

There are a few slots left on the core team for OSFest. So far we have a great team getting started! We still have some director slots open. If you are interested in helping exhibitors, merchants, and sponsors with their parcels, engaging in Hypergrid outreach, organizing satellite events, or helping script/create the infrastructure build, reach out to the team please! If you are not on Discord, use Facebook or send email.

Once filled the directors will form their volunteer teams of tech support, builders, scripters, creators, clothing makers, event leaders, and greeters. We begin anew each year. This is your OSFest. Make it fun, make it bigger, make it better!


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