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OSFest Radio is Live!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Courtesy of, #OSFest2023 now has its own Internet Radio station! For this year's theme, we are adding public domain and creative commons music during, or influenced by, the Jazz/Blues Era - sourced from non-profits and Selections playing will change periodically but you can share and listen while getting in the mood for this year's OSFest!

We've embedded our microsite in a new Radio page on the OSFest website. It includes the stream URL to paste in parcel audio or a browser for continuous listening while building or browsing. It also contains the QR code to download the Zeno app (search for OSFest to find and listen on your mobile device), and a way to donate for those who would like to do so. The microsite page itself is reachable at

We've tested their service and found it quite capable with unlimited listeners and up to 320 kbps streaming. If you need a stream of your own, they provide full instructions to quickly connect Butt, Mixxx, Virtual DJ, or other popular live streaming software. Tutorials are found at

We encourage everyone to support non-profits and the which are both great organizations. Special appreciation goes out to Zeno Media for providing a great service and technical support for our radio station.


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