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OSFest 2023 Building Frenzy Has Begun!

There are some amazing builds happening in the OSFest grid and the community is abuzz with participants from around the Hypergrid internationally. It's not too late to participate at OSFest 2023! We still have space for more sponsors, themed exhibits, and merchant stores. It's easier this year than it was last year too! Here's how you can get your own sponsored themed exhibit or merchant store parcel easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) HG by using this address in your world map for find and teleport then get the landmarks from the box, a visitor board to use, and join the OSFest group to be able to use translators etc.

2) If you want to build a themed exhibit, use the destination signpost or landmarks from the OSF LMs box to find a region where there are available parcels in Oxygen or Fluorine regions. The Sulfur region has space for merchant stores that do not have to fit the theme but can.

All available regions will have the big identifying prims on them plus a table like the pic here that says 'Available! Touch to get this parcel. Once touched, you will need to go into the parcel and use About Land in your viewer to change the name of the parcel to whatever you like (no NSFW please) then add a short description and hit OK.

3) Touch the sign to claim the parcel, then follow the instructions on the sign to get started. Once completed it will look like this pic. At that point you can return the big prim or keep it in place for building purposes. Please keep the tables on the parcels for now until further notice.

Need help? Join the OSFest group and call for help from staff and someone will reach out to you as soon as we get the message. Near real-time help from all participants in the community often happen on our Discord Server so be sure to join us at if you have an account there!

Our current tally of sponsor contributions is at $648 of our goal of $1143 to cover costs. Small contributions can be made using Gloebits on the grid or via Paypal. If you want a sponsor parcel, please take a look at for the different levels available then submit the form linked on that page. If you don't want a parcel but want to contribute, some do that as well by choosing the Indium level.

Don't want to use the form? That's ok too! Visit any of the Event regions and contribute by using the Gloebit or PayPal tip jars to the right of each stage.


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