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OpenSim Fest 2022 Update

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The one true Metaverse has been described as containing many universes, galaxies, systems, planets, and more within it. IN a nutshell these are virtual world platforms both closed and open-source. Virtual Worlds are the foundation of the Metaverse and OpenSimulator as a platform has been a leader in the open-source space for 15 years. Within this space, there are community sectors with avatars who live, learn, love, laugh, play, create, build, celebrate, share, and work in grids running both core and derivative versions of OpenSimulator I think of as driving community sectors.

In my view, OpenSim Fest, much like its predecessor AvatarFest, is about the communities of avatars using the OpenSimulator code base - derivatives included. It's not about any one grid, group, merchant, or organization. It's about all of us - a festival celebrating each other no matter which grid we call home.

For those who don't know me, I am Shelenn Ayres, founder of IMA, whose role in the OpenSimulator community has always been to work towards a more inclusive platform for all avatars and the communities of users behind the avatars. We strive to fill gaps where we can to advance the technologies we use within the communities we love. It's wonderful that Mike and Calli have been able to fill a gap for the Halcyon sector of the OpenSimulator community! I've been a member of the Metaverse for over 25 years, have experience moderating community events in multiple platforms, lead various software and community projects, and am an active member of the OpenSimulator community as well as a grid owner. I actively promote OpenSimulator software use cases, support education and research efforts, and participate in various conferences like OSCC and VWBPE. After Mike let me know a gap needed to be filled, I spoke with our lead admin Seth Nygard, an active community software developer and contributor, about hosting OpenSim Fest. We both see OpenSim Fest as a community event celebrating the community's creativity, contributions, and good works in the OpenSimulator community together.

As such, IMA is happy to take stewardship and provide hosting for OpenSim Fest. I would like to put together a team of volunteers quickly to get the planning underway. The history of the OpenSimulator codebase includes derivative software. In our view, this means OpenSim Fest will welcome and include exhibits from avatars in communities using OpenSimulator core and derivative software. If you would like to volunteer in any way, please let me know. We have much to do!

Thanks Mike and Calli for the opportunity to steward OpenSim Fest. A special shout out to all who've made past events a success. Now let's show the Metaverse what all the fuss is about!

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