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Marketing 101 on Day 12 at #OSFest2022

One of the nice things about OpenSimulator software are default grid stats. While designed for administrators (techies), they can be very useful for non-techies too! The HUGE Merchant Sales began on Day 11 but were promoted during the weekend events and on social media for several days prior.

A look at the live grid stats page seen on the web and as the default viewer page, when the OSFest 2022 grid is selected in the grid manager, provides marketing and traffic data! 132 visitors in the past 24 hours on a Monday when there are no music events or in grid events scheduled except for the Merchant Sales and an hour of Mindfulness Moments at OSFest is a good indicator the promo is effective.

We are also providing a new IMA Parcel Visitor Board script to the HG community and OSFest participants as a creative commons project. Unlike typical region level visitor boards that simply log visitors, this script has three scan modes (This Parcel, All Parcels Owned by the board owner in the region, and Region). It can be customized in many ways by the owner and shows records including dwell and number of visits per avatar. It does not lose data on region or grid restarts and provides update/record display information on the bottom of the board. The owner can retrieve a notecard of the records anytime to see all of the records (records displayed of recent visitors is limited to 35).

It's Marketing 101! Parcel owners, if you are not using the grid stats page and the IMA Parcel Visitor Board you may be missing out on important information! You can find the free script and instructions to create your own board in Welcome and HG-Welcome regions. See you in the grid!



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