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Day 11 #OSFest2022 HUGE Merchant Sales Starting Today!

The merchants at OSFest2022 have banded together to create a unique merchants sales event from regions all across the grid! It starts right now on July 18th and runs through the 24th. The good thing in virtual world tech is inventory is never an issue but time can be... unless you get in world as soon as you can and start using those Merchant TP boards placed seemingly everywhere. Merchant Organizer Luna Lunaria gets things started with unbelievable giveaways!

Other merchants offering free or discount items are wide and varied in their products! Check out the list here

Download XLSX • 12KB

So how do we get there? One way is to click on the event in our Grid Calendar! Here is your starting point from the web

Have a great time shopping! When you are done shopping, there are many exhibits to visit too. See you on the grid!


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