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Meet Our Team

Dedicated to the pursuit of creative entertainment & excellence in art in the Metaverse


Festival Director

Shelenn Ayres

Kudos to the people who made prior OSFest events a success! The diverse Hypergrid community celebrates creativity together and volunteers deserve the credit. Much of the work I've been focused on has been in inclusive communities. We all bring something different to the table. After 25+ years on many virtual world platforms, OpenSimulator is my favorite!


While my systems engineering background is in Hardware/Software/NASA Tech/MS&A, my current focus is advancing Virtual World technologies and improving accessibility by design. I am also engaged in education and research as owner of IMA Metaverse Depot grid used for R&D and IMA's creative commons projects. As a Founder of IMA and Laxton Consulting, my role at OSFest is not as a businesswoman or as a grid owner. My role as Festival Director is as an organizer so that everyone can enjoy the increased number of parties, exhibits, and shopping at the Fest this year.

Some in the community know me as Shelenn Ayres on multiple grids. Others know me as Lisa Laxton, having spoken many times at OSCC about IMA projects like SceneGate and our focus on accessibility and inclusiveness for everyone to combat loneliness and digital marginalization. Much of what we do is for the community's benefit whether it is software R&D, support for other grids, or offering support for projects. Honored to help make OSFest happen. Experience the Chemistry of Community!

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