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Zombie Quest at OSFest!

3 hours of practice time without avatar health damage ended at 7 pm. A crew of avatars came in to engage with some success!

My score doesn't count. High score doesn't necessarily win the prize for the quest. Here's why:

To score a point for a kill for yourself, you must be in danger (a zombie is after you). If it is after you shoot!

If a zombie is after your teammate, shoot! But the kill score goes to your teammate. Protect your teammate!

If a zombie is not targeting anyone other than themselves or another zombie, don't shoot because a kill score then goes to the zombie. Why? There is no reason to shoot a zombie that isn't dangerous.

If you hang out in one place and too many zombies are together, they will constantly be trying to decide who to target. Since the target area on the zombies is very small, in this case it is unlikely you will get a kill score for you or your teammate although it is possible.

HINT: Play as a team with one of you being the bait. Go into the island so zombies can sense you and rise out of the ground without other zombies nearby. Then the other teammate can be near and get the kill shot with the score depending on who was in danger.

If your avatar health falls too low, you will be teleported to a "Safer" spot but knocked out of mouselook. So you must quickly re-engage because they will find you!

It's a teaming event! Learn to cooperate and strategize. ;) Happy hunting at #OSFest2023

Direct world map address is



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