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OSFest 2023 is Almost Here!

@everyone We have a few days to go until our first event at #OSFest2023!


Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Merchants with sponsor, themed exhibit, or store parcels:

1) Did you submit your notecard with information needed for the Teleport System? Example format needed for the script is

[OSFest Welcome, Welcome]


coordinates=<131, 127, 25>

image = d8fce677-d7d2-4410-8356-6954a3a01c58

2) Did you submit your landmarks for the OSF LM box? These are located in both welcome regions for visitors.

3) Did you get your event tables and put out your swag, info, etc there? Get your event table the same way you got your exhibit or store parcel by touching the sign and following instructions on it. (Be sure to check the access and options tab in these small 4x4 parcels.) Our first event everyday is to steer visitors to these event tables! (We don't need a notecard for your event table parcel.)

Performers and Hosts/Hostesses:

4) Did you get your Performers group tag, make sure you can rez on any of the four stages, and test your stream using the SetStream prim (looks like a stage monitor speaker) at the front of each stage?


5) Did you make sure you have an approved avatar all dressed and ready? Jazz Blues Era costumes/looks are encouraged. The theme this year includes life and influences of music from late 1860s to early 1970s so costumes can be wide and varied and even include pirates, avant garde styles, and steampunk!

A reminder, Athena avatar bodies are not allowed at OSFest since they are confirmed copybot content. Ruth/Roth are provided in the welcome, hg-welcome, and VIP regions along with some free mix n match clothing hair and costumes. Get creative!

6) Please pass your notecards and landmarks to Shelenn.Ayres

It's your event, make it fun, make it bigger, make it better. Help us get the word out by inviting your friends to come experience the chemistry of community with us. It's our annual Hypergrid family reunion this year packed with 94 hours of non-music events plus 98 hours of powerhouse performances. See what's coming up at

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