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What's Happening on Day 4 at OSFest?

For those tracking our stats, in the past 24 hours #OSFest2023 logged 155 visitors and 335 over the past 7 days. It's encouraging to see attendees having a great time!

This year, we set aside two days each week focused on non-music events so we can help visitors, exhibitors, merchants, and sponsors connect with each other. Today is our first of those four days after the two hour start of exhibits and shopping. We'll move to the Zen region for Mindful Monday where we can be mindful as we relax, do yoga, meditate, and practice tai chi while listening to Beyond Zen Life Radio.

Next, we head over to the Unobtanium region for special events and the start of our scheduled tours. This particular day is a special one where we will have two different hours for anyone who would like to attend or share at the Veritas in Memoriam exhibit sponsored by Luna Lunaria at the Luxor sponsor parcel in Unobtanium.

Veri was part of the OSFest team last year and had planned to be an even bigger part of the team this year. She passed unexpectedly and is greatly missed by the team and the HG community who knew her. If you would like to attend, leave something of meaning to you, share something with others about Veri, or sit and listen to a special soundtrack, choose a time that's best for you either 12 pm or 2 pm today. We will set out a portal to make it easy to get there.


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