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Reserve your parcel or spot now! #OSFest2022

  • Funds Raised as of 02/21/2022: $417 out of $1040 Goal... thank you Sponsors!

Learn about being a sponsor at

  • 17 of 30 Free Merchant parcels and 6 of 60 Free Exhibitor parcels have been reserved. Keep it coming!

Reserve your free parcel or get your participant ticket to get reminders at then join the OpenSim Fest Discord server at Merchants please coordinate with Merchant Organizer Luna Lunaria. Exhibitors please coordinate with Shelenn Ayres.

  • 53 of the 90 hours of performances have been scheduled with a few pending!

If you would like to perform (readings, comedy, plays, singing, or DJing), please get in touch with Performer Organizers Rosa Alekseev or Oldesoul Eldemar by joining the OpenSim Fest Discord server at

  • We have two slots open on the organizing team for Exhibitor Organizers. In general, volunteers are needed to help out as greeters, moderators, hosts/hostesses, photographers, videographers, and bloggers.

To get started, join the OpenSim Fest Discord server at then set your role(s) for ways you would like to participate.

Many questions are answered in the Discord channel where guidelines have been posted and others have joined. Thanks to everyone who has been helping get things organized!

Attending OpenSim Fest is 100% free and will be accessible via the Hypergrid. Registering for a participant ticket is not required but can provide reminders as we get closer. OpenSim Fest dates: July 8-24, 2022 - two full weeks of virtual exhibits and merchant stores and three 3-day weekends of live performances. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. See you there!


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