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OSFest Merchant Sales Event!

Day 13 resumes with the Merchant Sales Event at this year's OSFest underway. It's happening this week from Tuesday September 26th through Saturday ending September 30th. This is a grid-wide event with multiple merchants and sales and freebies galore! There are merchant teleport boards like the one pictured that are spread around the grid for convenience. You can start by putting this in your world map to land near the event tables:

After a couple of hours shopping, join us for Wellness Wednesday in the Phosphorus region for an hour then back to the Event1 region for an hour with DJ Nay Kell!

Tours then resume around the grid starting at the Unobtanium region which is only open a few more days for exhibits and store visits. Finally, for those who want to hunt some zombies or even imagine the zombies are me, hop over to the Nitrogen region for a challenging and unique teaming event we call Zombie Quest!

First you touch the group inviter box for the Zombie Quest group then touch the rifle barrel to get a rifle and instructions. Happy Hunting at #OSFest2023!


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