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Meet Exhibitor Organizer Contessa (Tessa) Lacombe by Doc Nolan

One fun and helpful person many people will meet at OSFest 2022 will be Contessa Lacombe, the festival Exhibit Coordinator/Organizer. She hails from Wyldwood Bayou, one of the sponsors of #OSFest2022, where she has built and maintains a very active roleplaying sim, Brigantia.

Tessa, as her friends call her, goes back in virtual worlds to 2009 when she first started to build and operate a university region in Second Life. "My husband was a university director of IT, and he dared me to learn to use SL, saying, 'If you can do it, anyone can.' Since I was the only one with the persistence to learn how to navigate SL, I ended up running a lot of things. Oh, my husband had to buy me a gaming computer." Tessa learned she loved to build and then opened a jewelry shop in Second Life: Elemental Jewelry. She made the leap from SL when it got too expensive for her to stay. "Also, I'd gotten involved in medieval/fantasy roleplay, and my friends and I decided we needed a place where we could afford a playground big enough to be interesting."

She opened Brigantia on Inworldz initially but then moved it to OpenSim. She's now happily located on Wyldwood, where she is on the management team, along with Fiteach Eun. (Fiteach, known as Fit, is OSFest 2022 "Volunteer Organizer.") Tessa's primary focus is obviously on roleplay, but another passion of hers is music, more specifically blues and rock. "People come to Wyldwood to explore, play, and enjoy the music venues owned by Kith Whitehawk: "Rockin' the Blues," "Hot Daddy's," "The Bayou Belle," and "Lady Blue." I happen to be a lover of blues music from way back. I help out at these venues."

In addition to these activities, Tessa creates avatars, does landscapes and builds, and enjoys in-world photography. (Also, she used to be a silversmith long ago in RL; finding time enough for that has been impossible in recent times.) "I like the fact that OS provides us with an affordable enough platform so that we can really create what we dream about. And I love the people of OpenSim. This place is my home. I have met some of the smartest, most kind, and most welcoming people here. I really have friends." How did Tessa become involved in OSFest 2022? "Fit. She is one of the busiest persons I know, and she was the one who suggested that I help -- maybe because I like to organize things -- and maybe because I'm a 'Helpful Hannah."

Those who want to find Tessa on the web might check at, though she is also active at Brigantia on or you could contact her via the OSFest 2022 email address at



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