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Events on Day 6 at #OSFest2022

On Day 6, Museo del Metaverso hailing from Craft Grid will host several poetry readings in Italian and English. The event will be held in their sponsor parcel located in the Event4 region on the OSFest 2022 grid. This was added to the Grid Calendar late last night so we wanted to be sure you don't miss it! Also on the calendar today are the regular Mindfulness Moments at OSFest in the Zen region where you have the option in this special region to Relax, Meditate, do Yoga, or engage in Tai Chi while listening to the stream host.

Not on the calendar yet are over 80 exhibits and stores ready for you to visit! The creativity of merchants and artists is astounding and the exhibits are impressive. It will take some time to see everything, shop in all of the stores, and experience the chemistry of community where you can interact with and within these virtual worlds that are the foundation of the Metaverse. While we have 11 more days to go, 6 of those are filled with powerhouse performances on the second and third weekend. Now is the time to start your trek! For those who want to "walk" from place to place, we even have small wooden sign posts to guide you!

To help everyone get around as quickly as possible. We've added our custom integrated Teleport boards all around the grid at the parcel level. These are based on the grid map seen here but you can also navigate to every parcel on the grid using the helpful notecard given to you when you join the public OSFest group. Group joiners, like the Teleport boards are found in every region.

Our custom integrated Grid Calendar not only resides here but is also available around the OSFest 2022 grid. It's more than a calendar. You can use it to quickly navigate to any event on the calendar. When you click on the specific event, you are presented with buttons to Teleport directly to the event. A custom destination guide is coming soon. See you on the grid!


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