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Day 1 was a Success and Day 2 is here!

We had over 100 new unique visitors at OSFest on Day 1 where avatars explored exhibits, celebrated in the event regions, and went looking for deals and steals! It's time for Day 2 where we start with 2 hours to visit the amazing exhibits and stores starting at the Event Tables then we are off to Utopia Skye Grid for our first Satellite Event at #OSFest2023. You'll need a free account on Utopia Skye Grid for that event but it is fast and easy to create an account with starter avatars available. The event regions have the info for you - touch the sign in the OSFest Event region dance areas for instructions. After the two hour event at Utopia Skye Grid, login to your home grids then Hypergrid in and get ready for another day of celebrations at OSFest! Here's the lineup:

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